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Since 1975, we have used proven financial strategies to shape sound dental practices. We know the business of dentistry.

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The Willeford Group is a dedicated team of dental CPAs who help dentists achieve their financial objectives. 
  • Do you wish your CPA came to you with ideas on ways to save more in taxes?
  • Do you think you pay too much in taxes?
  • Are you often surprised by how much you owe in taxes?
  • Do you wonder where your cash goes each month and what your overhead should be?
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As a virtual CPA group, we have provided assistance to dentists in the Southeast & Colorado to help them achieve a better quality of life.

Dental Practice Accountants

  • Do you wish your CPA came to you with ideas on ways to save more in taxes?
  • Do you think you pay too much in taxes?
  • Are you often surprised by how much you owe in taxes?
  • Do you wonder where your cash goes each month and what your overhead should be?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, we invite you to continue reading. 

Welcome to the Willeford Group, the tax accounting firm of Kate Willeford, CPA. As a virtual team, she and her associates have the flexibility to work with private dental practices throughout the Southeast and Rocky Mountain regions of the United States. And we specialize in helping dentists increase their profits, minimize their taxes, and enjoy a more lucrative lifestyle. 

Our comprehensive services include: 

  • Taxes and accounting to help you increase profitability and lower your taxes
  • Financial management tools to help you know where your finances stand daily
  • Advisory services, including  profitability consulting, buyer & seller representation, retirement planning, and more

Our goal is to help dentists enjoy a better quality of life and to reap their financial rewards—today, tomorrow, and in the future.

What Is Willeford Group?

For more than four decades, Willeford Group, CPA, PC, has specialized in financial and advisory services for dentists. Led by Kate Willeford, Dental CPA, our multidisciplinary team offers a unique approach to accounting and consulting that enhances your ability to maximize profits, minimize taxes, and exceed your financial and business goals.

However, we are more than accountants for dentists. We are here to provide proven advice throughout your dental career. We partner with you long-term so that you can enjoy a healthy retirement as well. Additionally, we work on retainer and are never more than a phone call away. 

Our services help you plan for the future, for possible expansions and even contribute to a financially sound retirement. 

How Is Willeford Group Different?

When you choose Willeford Group as your financial partner, you become our priority. Our elite financial team provides personalized attention to your preferences and goals to ensure you achieve optimal results. We customize financial and business strategies to fit your practice and personal goals.

Additionally, we have found our niche, working with private dental practices to help them acquire larger financial rewards. 

We are a boutique practice and "hold your hand" long-term. We are not merely dental accountants who work to optimize your return at tax time. Our team partners with your practice monthly, quarterly, and over the long haul—through the changing economic climate, changes to tax laws, expansions, buy and selling a practice, and so much more. 

Why Choose Willeford Group?

Like dentistry, tax laws and financial best practices are continually changing and evolving. Our experts can help you build your practice health and secure your personal wealth while allowing you to spend more of your time and energy on the dentistry you love.

Why Not Search the Internet for a Dental Practice Accountant Near Me?

For more than a decade, our group of diverse CPAs has worked in a virtual environment. It's true. We helped dentists excel financially from our home-offices long before it was the norm. This prompted our team to learn variations on tax laws and how they work in different locales. 

We are experienced with virtual meetings, phone conferencing, and helping you reap the financial rewards of your hard work without taking up too much of your time and money with travel to in-person meetings and lengthy strategy sessions. This is a skill our team has cultivated and mastered over the years. 

We want you to excel financially in the profession you love, with the peace of mind that your finances are in the hands of skilled CPAs working quietly and diligently in the background. 

We Offer Accounting for Dentists

Do you own a private dental practice? Are you looking for financially sound guidance and best practices on a monthly basis so you can work because you choose to rather than because you have to work? If so, we would love to hear from you. 

Get in touch with our accounting team toll-free at (877) 643-7087 for a consultation to see how a relationship with Willeford Group can increase your bottom line and your financial quality of life.

We serve clients in more than two dozen states, including Georgia and Colorado.

  • "Kate and her team at the Willeford Group proactively provide me tax and financial advice that allows me to focus on what’s most important: providing the best dental care to my patients possible. Every year, whether it’s new tax strategies or putting me in touch with specialized consultants, the Willeford Group has a plan ready for me. Over the last 5 years, Kate and her team have helped me to seamlessly transition from associate to partner to owner of Douglas Dental Care. I could not have done it without them. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together in the next 5 years!"

  • "Thank you so much for all the great advice for this past year! It sure paid off! You all are my new heroes. Worked so hard last year and glad I did not owe anything. It would not have been pleasant. Hope you all are doing well! Thanks again for all your help!"

  • "Thank you very much. You are a great team. My approaching retirement makes me feel so grateful for the support you all (including Rick!) have given me the past 35 years. I doubt I would be retiring at all without you keeping me on the right path."

  • "We have loved having Kate Willeford on our team of advisors over the last six years. Her knowledge of the industry has allowed us to meet and exceed each business goal set. We highly recommend not only her accounting services but also her consulting services to help your business grow. Thank you, Kate, for your passion and all you bring to our business."

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