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The entire Willeford Group keeps current on the COVID-19 pandemic and will do so during this and other public health situations as well. We know that guidelines change, and we want to make sure our dental professionals are armed with the best information to make the best decisions.

We know how the Coronavirus is affecting and may affect dental practices. We know that there are loans and grants to be had, and we understand the fine print. We know that dentists and dental practice managers do not have time to read through everything that is out there, but we can guide you virtually, letting you know the provisions that come with specific relief funds and loans.

For example:

  • Do you have to pay the money back?
  • Is the money allocated for a specific use, and what qualifies under that provision?
  • How does a loan or relief money impact your taxes?
  • What is a taxable benefit compared with a loan?
  • What are the reporting requirements?
  • Which bank should you use?
  • Are there steps you can take and specific programs that offer loan forgiveness?

The questions are endless, but we can answer them for you.

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We work with clients in two dozen states, and we would be happy to welcome you as well.

The ADCPA or the Academy of Dental CPAs is a group of accountants who work exclusively for dentists. Kate Willeford’s father was a founding member of this dynamic organization, and today the academy manages the taxes and finances of more than 9,000 dentists and dental professionals across the country.

One of their mottos is, “What do 9,000 dentists know that you don’t?”

Members provide easy management reports and simple-to-follow financial statements, but that is only the beginning. A good accountant recognizes shortfalls and where you may be able to increase your bottom line. A good accountant pays attention to your goals and looks for angles to help you reach those objectives in a timely manner.

Passionate CPAs should always be on the lookout for ways to save you money, ensure there are no surprises at tax time, and keep a close watch on your retirement goals.

At the Willeford Group, we are proud and active members of the ADCPA, where many of our fellow CPAs share our passion and commitment to dental clients.

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