Accounting & Tax Services

How Can a Dentist Increase Profitability?

The best way to increase your business profitability is through efficient, educated decision-making. Accurate financial statements are vital to your ability to make the right choices for your practice. We want you to take charge of your own numbers, and we will teach you how to use sound accounting practices in your office. 

Throughout your journey to profitability, we are with you every step of the way. And we do more than crunch numbers; we guide you and direct you toward best practices for your financial present and future. In Willeford Group, CPA, PC, you'll enjoy a partnership between yourself and our team that is ongoing and proactive. 

How Can Dental Professionals Get the Lifestyle They Want?

Achieving your desired quality of life starts with clear goal-setting. We work with you to determine the amount of income you need to support your lifestyle goals. Next, we use your financial statements to find your areas of strength and opportunity. We pair this information with advanced tax strategies and business practice guidance to design a financial plan for creating the life you want.

What Dental Office Accounting and Tax Services Can the Willeford Group Provide?

Some of our core services include:

  • Helping you start or take over a new practice 
  • Helping you dissolve a partnership
  • Create and explain a dental-specific chart of accounts in a QuickBooks® file
  • Reviewing your most recent financial statements and tax returns to see whether you may save more in taxes by recoding some expenses

Core Retainer

Looking for ongoing service for accurate financial record keeping?

Each month or quarter (depending on frequency chosen) includes:

  • Reviewing your QuickBooks® file, practice numbers, and expense coding for the best tax effect
  • Posting all journal entries
  • Creating financial statements to ensure accuracy of records

Do you want to maximize your tax deductions and minimize tax burden? Looking for strategies to ensure you have the cash-flow you need when you need it?

Update personal income tax projection and related planning to assist in:

  • Budgeting for taxes due
  • Developing strategies for timing and nature of income and deductions
  • Maximizing deductions
  • Coordination with your cash-flow and business planning

What We Do Annually

(in conjunction with existing retainer)

Do you want expert advice on your annual financial planning and goal setting?

  • Year-end tax and goal planning meeting
  • Annual update and ongoing review of the shareholder salary schedule
  • Cash flow-related planning to help you update your practice goals for the year

We offer proactive tax planning and consulting services to help calculate and prepare tax projections to eliminate the unhappy tax surprises some clients get at the end of the year. At Willeford Group, we provide you with estimates early on.

For CPAs Specializing in Dental Practices, Contact Us

We work with smaller practices and are never more than a phone call away. For more information and to learn how we can help you manage and increase your profits, schedule a consultation today by calling us toll-free at (877) 643-7087.

We work with dentists across the country, including but not limited to Florida, Georgia, Arizona, California, and Nevada.