Financial Consulting

We offer a wide range of advisory services to meet your individual and dental practice needs. Additionally, we partner with small dental offices and have helped these practices make sound financial decisions that increase profits and play a key role in long-term monetary success. 

Practice Management Help for Dentists

Have you struggled with setting or achieving financial goals? Is your practice stagnant or growing sluggishly? Are you trying to upgrade equipment or increase staffing, but you're not sure whether you can afford it?

We work with a variety of dental practice management experts, all of whom have years of experience helping dental professionals like you reach new levels of success.

Despite efforts to generate income, fluctuations in appointments and expenses may keep your cash flow tight and uncertain throughout the year. You may be unsure whether you can afford the equipment, resources, and tools you need to run your practice efficiently. We can help you understand the monetary and tax implications to make decisions with confidence and will work with you to ensure that you can meet your personal, financial, and business goals.

Practice Transition: Buying, Selling, and Partnership Help for Dentists

Buying into a practice? Selling an established practice? Bringing on a partner?

Our collaborative approach to transitions and succession planning could be your most important asset. Our extensive presence in the dental marketplace gives us the expertise to help you understand the tax and cash flow implications of a practice transition. We work with a variety of colleagues who can calculate the fair value of a dental practice and even help you find a seller, buyer, or partnership opportunity. Because we do not offer dual representation, our tax expertise allows us to structure the opportunity to your maximum advantage, as your own independent advisor.

Each dentist's style and needs are different, so we provide consulting and contract services for setting up associateships, partnerships, and space sharing arrangements. We can evaluate opportunities you have already found or facilitate access to leading practice brokers' systems, programs and contracts, and their network of opportunities.

Retirement Planning for Dentists

Are you planning for retirement? Do you know how much savings you will need to have in order to afford the retirement lifestyle you want? Are you taking advantage of every opportunity to grow your savings?

Administering a retirement plan is one thing; designing a personalized retirement plan that is employer favored is the most efficient way to help you achieve your unique goals, and meeting with IRS approval is another matter.

In collaboration with one of our ADCPA colleague firms, our team can maximize the value of your contributions and provide you with a lifestyle-friendly retirement. By both designing and administering your plan, we can save you on implementation fees and help ensure a close relationship between your practice and retirement plan accounting and reporting requirements. We can help!

Personal Financial Planning for Dentists

Do you need an expert in personal financial planning? Do you have a child headed for college? Are you supporting an elderly relative? Do you need to create an estate plan to secure your wealth for your heirs?

In collaboration with one of our ADCPA colleague firms, we offer advice on your personal financial planning to complement the business planning for your practice. Fee-only comprehensive financial planning addresses priorities such as maximizing cash flow, minimizing taxes, and individualized needs, such as funding education, estate tax planning, and eldercare issues.

Cost Segregation Study

Have you recently renovated your dental practice or built a new building? Did you have a cost segregation study to segregate dental-specific costs into depreciable life of only 5-15 years life instead of the typical 39-year tax deduction?

If you have spent over $200,000 on your build-out and have not used a cost segregation study, you may be paying too much in taxes. In partnership with an engineer, we can allocate some of your expenses into dental-specific build-out categories to use the time value of money to help you create more cash now when you need it the most.

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